Sunday, September 20, 2009

Waikato Wow

I'm back. I 've been a little under the weather with what I think is seasonal asthma however the Dr wanted a chest xray which shows my heart or part of it is twice the ratio it should be (whatever that means) so I've had to go back for tests and on Tuesday I have to have an echocardiogram. There goes any more fabric buying or meals out for awhile.. $500.. but it will be worth it to have peace of mind. Both my Dad and my Aunt had heart attacks but they weren't picked up until they'd had echo's. I have been getting very breathless especially with the cough, tired, tight chests and some days I feel absolutely wrecked. And yes, I'm overweight and yes it could be stress too.. ?? After all I do have a BIG heart .. sometimes!!

The trip to Hamilton was wonderful and to see my friend Myra... and her new little house which is absolutely gorgeous and the same rental as I'm paying for my old place. I was so jealous. Myra has lots of 'things' to look at.. and beautifully displayed. Old Wooden cottonreels in baskets... and buttons in pretty jars. She even has found a JONES sewing machine in beautiful condition. Think it's as old as I feel! And she has walk in wardrobes, a log fire, a dishwasher, a garage, beautiful tidy curtains, a huge bathroom and still 5 minutes from town in a quiet neighbourhood... Boohoooo

But I found a couple more bargains to make my place look nicer. I bought a duvet cover last week (before I knew I was going to be poorer. It was marked down from $149 to $30 and is a gorgeous textured fabric, taupe colour.. So I cut the cheap curtains I bought awhile ago (still never found another pair) in half yesterday and have hung them up because they match perfectly. They cover the windows but not a lot of gather... who cares, at $20 they're okay for now. My heart quilt has the same colour as the duvet in the border so all round my bedroom looks lovely I reckon and I feel happy. I also picked up a new shower curtain, bathmat and toilet surround for half price and they add a bit of colour to the bathroom. And tonight I started cutting out the cushions for my lounge. I will post pictures tomorrow night.

Just little things and cheap but they're make my home brighter and me happier.

I've finished George's quilt just have to make the label. But I have lost the picture I had printed onto fabric for it.. It's in a SAFE place but I've forgotten where??? I'm getting another one done and it'll all be ready for him by Friday when he arrives.

Now I'm off to bed. My Uncle and family have been for dinner and it was so nice to see them but I'm stuffed and it's back to work tomorrow.

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