Monday, September 21, 2009


At last I've won something and it's great .. it's absolutely great!! I go to and from work on the bus and they've got a competition at the moment. You text your card no to them while you're on the bus and you go in a daily draw for prizes. So I got the phone call and my sister and I are off to WOW next week! Here's a photo of my new Domini duvet .. the curtains aren't wonderful but for $20 they look better than faded pink! I found the cushion to match in Lower Hutt for $10. My bathroom has become light turquoise with a new shower curtain, bath mat and toilet mat all together worth $24 cause they were buy one, get one free! And yes, if I hadn't spent the money I wouldn't be broke by tomorrow night but I REALLY REALLY NEEDED to cheer my little house up last week.

Here's a picture of one of my friend Myra's quilts. It's all random florals.. beautiful. And at the top is her quilt as you go project using 2 1/2 inch strips that we've swapped last year. I really want to make one of them. I've put in for my annual leave over the next 12 months and hope to spend a few days sewing together. She gives me heaps of inspiration and ideas..

What am I doing tonight.. I'm going to carry on cutting blocks for my cushion covers so can't stay on here third time round. My friend on Diet Coke Rocks is making these amazing gifts for christmas.. she is so clever.. colour is an everyday language to Chris. she has the knack.. I flounder and lose confidence and procrastinate but when I do make something in a hurry it doesn't look too bad. But I keep trying.

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Chris H said...

I love the duvet cover.. it's very similar to mine!
And the cushion just sets it all off.
Well done on the win.