Sunday, September 6, 2009

George's quilt - does it need more quilting?

Jenny's first quilt. I've had a friend from work here today and showed her how to make a quilt for her new grandson. She's just used my charm squares etc and it's looking great I reckon. Pretty good effort and only 5 hours during which time we had home made potato and kumera wedges. do you know to shake powdered semolina over them in the roasting dish.. it makes them nice and crunchy. (yeah thats from me... who doesn't like cooking!)
Here is George's quilt in good light this time. I've still to sew the binding on but it's in progress today. Do you think it needs more quilting?? It's been quilted to look like hillsbut is quite puffy.. everyone likes it but I guess I'm not used to a puffy quilt. The back is just all the leftovers and similar fabrics. George is 14 in November so I figured he needed a masculine type quilt. It's made in forest colours because he loves mountain biking and the design led to 'mountain' themes. The two kiwis were added because I accidently put a little hole in the border one day. My lovely best friend Carol sewed a second kiwi on and pieced the back for me as I had run out of time before I moved. She took it to the quilters for me and a friend picked it up in PN last weekend. My camera is new but I can't get the colours right.. I am technologically challenged I've decided!!!
I really miss my friends especially Carol and Emma whom I used to spend a lot of time with. And especially sdwing together. But five more sleeps and we're going to Hamilton together. YES, YES, YES. It's the fourth year I've tried to get to the craft show and this time I'm going. Three years ago, I didn't make it because another staff member was on leave, then September 07 I was in hospital, Sept 08 my Uncle had to have surgery for bowel cancer so I went to look after my Aunt, then my Dad had a fall a week later and you know the rest...


Chris H said...

Jenny's quilt is adorable, I love all the brights.
George's quilt.. perfect for a boy!
I am going to that show in Hamilton on Thursday... ha ha, I get there before you!
Any chance you can pop the extra hour or so up here for a visit?????

Erilyn said...

You know what I always say? If you THINK it needs more quilting - it NEEDS more quilting! enjoy Hamilton show.