Thursday, September 24, 2009

It's freezing

Well, I thought summer was close and now it's freezing. What a cold snap but a pain! My daughter is bringing her children down to stay for a few days and it's snowing in Dannevirke and Woodville and it's not sure whether the roads will be open!!! Grr I was so looking forward to them visiting. I have only seen them at my house twice in two years.. it's always me going to visit them!

Fingers crossed the snow is blown away overnight. I'm off to sew the label on George's quilt. He's really excited to see it finished.

Hope you aren't too cold where you are and Carolyn, my thoughts are with you.. and lots of love.


Chris H said...

It's wet here, but I'm in a t-shirt! Not cold today at all.. .but them I'm doing friggin housework... that keeps me warm. *sigh*... back to it.

Anonymous said...

It's cool to see what you are up to.

Liz G

Chris H said...

JUST. SO. YA. KNOW... I'm in a t-shirt today! Gawd I don't miss that freezing Palmy/Welly weather.. no siree, not one bit.
Hope you have a warmer weekend.

Betweens said...

I sure wish it was freezing in Ontario but it has been hotter and more humid here than we have had since June. Sept has become our looking forward to the cold quilty weather...sorry though that you were not able to see your family

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Karen,

I heard where there was snow in Dannevirke and Woodville.
I remember one year, building a snowman in Dannevirke.
Unusual to have it so cold in September/October.