Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My Time!

Yay, the club's library stocktake is complete. And only 6 books missing.. not good, but not bad either when there's over 1000 books!

And my garden is ready and waiting for new plants to fill in the gaps. I have plenty of succulents... had a fetish for them until I learn't quilting. A few have gone in the bin but I've still got enough to fill half my garden. This one started as a 6 inch cutting eighteen months ago and now it's flowering. It's gorgeous! Might shop for plants at the weekend but now it is time to sew. 4 of us have decided to have a sewing bee on New Years Day. What a neat way to celebrate the start of a NEW year doing something we enjoy and being together with friends. I'm really looking forward to it. Tomorrow I need to finish George's quilt and cut out another one (maybe this one from my favourite hydrangea fabrics) ready to sew on Thursday and Friday and Saturday and Sunday and then back to work on Monday. OUch my holiday is nearly over. Right, discipline.. make time to sew.

And diet.. yes I'm having chicken salad for dinner tonight. A friend is coming for dinner and to watch Coronation Street.. (yeah, I admit I'm nuts!).

Found some really neat websites with free patterns recently. Have a look at http://www.fatquarterworld.com/ I love urban couture.. and pathway batiks! Oh I must stop looking.. As IF? I need more ideas!

Tomorrow's goals..
spend no more than 20 mins max on computer;
complete George's top ready for quilting;
cut out one to sew on Thursday;
find my UFO's and spend 1/2 hour getting one sorted
Goals for next four days
Finish George's TOMORROW;
Have fun New Years Eve and see this bloody awful year GONE;
Finish a UFO top;
Start my new quilt;
Stay on my diet (except for a few wines tomorrow night hehe);
Buy more plants for garden;
And enjoy every day like I'm gonna enjoy every day of 2009!!!!
Happy Days

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Roslyn Atwood said...

I also love the hydrangea fabrics-my Granny always had huge bushes of them all around her house in Sutherland.
I think I would simply make a charm square sort of design, very simple since they already are cut in squares, right?