Tuesday, December 23, 2008

2nd Best Boss Pressie

I received a present yesterday from my boss.. well she goes through the motions haha. She bought me more fabric.. woohooo what a neat pressie.. just the best!! When she went to Australia this year for a holiday she said she was going to bring me a present and asked what I wanted.. No guesses there huh. So she bought me some in Aus and now I have more. They are so cool and I didn't buy them myself so it's okay haha. And she doesn't sew so it's a new experience for her buying fabric she says.

I say she's my second best boss cause Chris reads my blog and her hubby Stew was the BEST BOSS I ever worked with. And yes, I miss him and his stupid sense of humour... no one else understands my jokes. And he was always there for all his staff (Like the rooster in the hen house) when you needed advice on work or needed to share with someone confidentially... .. Hence the present I gave him when he left.
One more sleep and I'm off to Hawkes Bay and my grandchildren. Xmas is so much more fun when there are little kids around. I have the afternoon off to wrap presents and finish things off.
I found a list my daughter wrote when she was little of all the things she wanted for Xmas. I'm making up a parcel using the list and photos of her with earrings and high heels etc as part of her present. Of course, a couple of photos are of her messy bedroom so the telephone and the alarm clock were in there somewhere haha.
the only thing she never got was the puppy... do you think he'll do. I will go to the $2 shop and get a lead and a toy.
This year new towels for Nette and Brendan, battery toothbush and battery charger with money for Cam, Haylee and Simon get more of their Maxwell Williams set, George $$$ and a horse mug like my Dad had, OLivia a Dora Doll, and Alex a racing car complete with driver. My son Ken gets clothes as usual. He doesn't buy them for himself. But sadly he has to work Boxing day so can't be with us this year.
Better get to work. 1/2 day.. wow feels good. I'm meeting a friend for lunch, going to see 30 xmas trees in a church this avo, then finish off pressie shopping, come home and wrap and then out for a few wines .. whoops two - so I don't get caught drink driving haha.

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Chris H said...

I finally changed the blog address on my list for ya chick. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas. Nice of your new boss to buy you material!