Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Kick Me Please

I am so incredibly sad!@ The grief has caught up with me and I need a kick start to stop feeling so lost! I have so much to do but I am sleeping and sleeping and crying.. how boring am I? I even bought some more fabric today (no, I havent lost anything) but I thought tonight I'd get started on a gift for a friend in Oz. So far, it's laid on the floor and I've been looking at ideas and patterns on the net.
Tomorrow ah. I've coped really well till now but losing both my Dad and my Aunty in 2 months is just CRAP!
Anyway I'll pull myself together and ring my lovely Uncle now as I'm sure he feels sadder than me. I have to be there for him next but hopefully he'll stay well for a lot longer yet.

Tomorrow.. I promise photos and ACTION!

Night everyone


Hippygal said...

Sorry to read about your Aunty. Looking forward to the photos :-)

Margaret said...

Sorry to hear of your loss(es) and it's ok to feel sad and cry, it's very good for the soul. Hope you can have some peace and look forward to Christmas, it can be a sad time when someone is missing, I know how you must be feeling.