Sunday, December 7, 2008

How many Angels does he want up there?

I've just come home again from Hawkes Bay. My beautiful Aunt, my second Mum passed away last week. It is sad but also a release, as she has not recovered from a heart attack 8 weeks ago, 3 days after my Dad's funeral (her brother).

But I am so privileged to have been able to be with my Uncle during most of these long weeks, being with Aunty at the hospital every night and keeping him company. He is very 'with it' and loves to talk. He's read and read, and they have travelled everywhere in NZ so we've had a few late nights. Uncle has lung cancer and is unable to have any treatment to prolong it. He's opting for quality of life but there are not promises.

Aunty's funeral was simple and happy, the way she would have wanted it. I managed to talk and tell tales about what she has mean't to us, but it's always hard to finish. However, I got the mourners to give her a round of applause.. she has battled so much during her lifetime but never complained ever... an Oscar winning performance. Aunty always made me feel loved and appreciated and I often left the hospital at night feeling like I'd been sick and she'd made me feel better. How rewarding it is to know you are helping someone.

Sad to have overheard a close relative saying how they hadn't been to visit because they wanted to remember her how she used to be... well, what a load of crock! Aunty was still with it, she was physically weak and worn out, sure she'd lost heaps of weight and sometime unable to speak without slurring her words but she knew. She knew who we were and she understood what we were staying, so I'm sure she yearned for her family to visit and say goodbye. I certainly hope my family don't abandon me if this happens.

How many more angels does God want? I hope he leaves Uncle for a long time..he's like a best friend and if I haven't got my Dad, I need him,,,, well though, I don't want him to suffer too.

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Chris H said...

So sorry to hear of your Aunty's passing, and sorry I missed seeing you when I was in Palmy last week/weekend.