Monday, December 22, 2008

OH golly gosh!

I have finally put the new batteries in my scales and jumped on. I didn't say golly gosh.. I'd let you imagine what I really said. But I am only as big as I was 6 years ago.. ONLY??? Right, Christmas day is two days away. And then it's CONTROL, CONTROL, CONTROL. Discipline is what I need.

Rang Doctor today. They haven't heard anything from the Hospital so I don't know what to think. I dare say they've gone on holiday most of them but I might try tomorrow. I just want to know I haven't been lost in the system because I'm sure the test will rule out the big C, but when you've had it once it's hard not to think about it once the Dr's have suggested it.

I've been searching blogs for the past two hours tonight. So many neat and clever people amongst you. And so many goregous ideas. Tomorrow I promise to post some more photos of where I live etc.

Goodnight and hope you ladies in USA are keeping warm with your quilts


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