Friday, December 19, 2008

Sewing Therapy

Tomorrow is the first sewing day I've been to for a few months so I'm really hoping to be inspired into getting back into my quilting. I am going to take my grandson's quilt which has been a WIP for nearly two years.

It's already in panel but just needs them sewn together and the border put on. I really want to get one done for each of my grandchildren over the next few months and then make one for my kids even though they aren't really interested. They are heirlooms ..after all.

I also hope to make some placemats for my friend in Brisbane. bit late for Xmas but it's the thought that counts.

It's a fun day, about 8 of us take our machines and spread out in a big hall with huge tables and heaps of light. Have a lot of laughs and hey, no interruptions!

So watch this space haha. Finished top for posting tomorrow night?

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Chris H said...

Placemats? Now there's an idea! I might try that.