Sunday, December 21, 2008

What a productive weekend!

Yay, I feel so enthused. I didn't finish George's quilt but it is ready to put the borders on however I'm not sure it needs them so the quilt is laid out on my lounge floor till tomorrow night. The border makes it a rather large single quilt. What do you all think?It's a really fun day sewing with friends. I've sorted out a possible pattern for my hydrangea quilt. Sort of a suduko quilt.. 9 fabrics in frames but in different places in each block. My lovely friend Robin gave me a beautiful bag for Xmas made from fabrics to raise money for cancer. She's so thoughtful and has put so much work into it. Then Saturday night Alison and I went to the Christmas Show and wow, what a lot of talent! It was brilliant. got me into the Christmas spirit anyway. And I do love carols, not sure about the person next to me but I love to sing along.

Gosh, I am so SO looking forward to a few days off. Today my son Ken 29yrs came around and put together my new portable bbq. And helped me tidy up my porch cupboard. After Christmas I'm getting a skip bin and having a huge springclean.. yeap it turns me on haha. So we've made a start! My daughter, son-in-law and grandson Cam came for lunch from Dannevirke and we christened the bbq. Yumm. It's small enough to fit in my porch but plenty big enough to cook for 6.

We went to Madagascar 2 this afternoon. Fabulous movie for kids. I love kids movies. So much fun and Cam is gorgeous .. he's a really lovely kid. Nearly 9 but he can have a great conversation and has a priceless sense of humour.

The bestest bestest news is I finally found a sketch my Dad had one for me on my 13th birthday. He always called me Horse, because there once was a racehorse called Karen Anne (me) and on my birthday he draw a picture of a horse with 13 on the saddle, and wrote "Eat up Horse, It's ya birfday.. All the other horses have their's on 1st August". It is 38 years old so getting a bit thin and the ink is a bit faint but it's worth a million dollars. I forgot I had put a container with all my old letters and things kids had done in the porch cupboard.

Still no news from the hospital. I think I'll ring the Dr this week and see if she's heard anything. The registra was going to speak to the surgeon about getting the cholonoscopy done earlier than end of Jan, so I'm hoping I haven't got lost in the system.

Anyway, a wonderful weekend and I am a lot happier now that I've caught up on a few jobs and started sewing. I am setting a goal to get a quilt made for my other two grandchildren, and my 3 kids this year. They don't want one at the moment but as long as I've made one they can have in the future I'll feel better. Well, I'm off to bed to watch Bad Santa. 10 more sleeps and it's a BRAND NEW YEAR!! 2009... 9 is good! My birthdate, my Dad's birthdate, and my house no. Also , Cam's new racing number after the National champs this year... Countdown starts now..


Steel Scraps said...

Hi, I love your quilt. I would put the borders on because a bigger quilt will last him longer as he grows! It is a great looking quilt and a great looking border!

Merry Christmas

Pat L in NY USA

Roslyn Atwood said...

I think the quilt needs a frame, so go ahead & border it & the size will be good for him for years.