Sunday, November 30, 2008


What a fantastic movie. I went with a couple of friends and we thoroughly enjoyed it. It's the story of a group of older young people who have fun and sing to audiences around UK. The youngest being about 72 and the oldest 94! It was fantastic and the theatre crowd clapped all the way. Wow, I hope I can have fun when I'm that old.

This weekend I haven't sewed as planned. Grr, I bought myself a tv unit for christmas and of course, ended up moving the lounge around, changing furniture between rooms, which subsequently mean't I had to change things in the bedrooms as well, which then led to cleaning out wardrobes, cupboards etc etc etc. So here we are Sunday night and I've hardly sat down!! Now, that would have to be good for my weight and certainly good for my athritic knee.. it's when I sit too long it hurts! And food.. well, I've hardly had time to eat.. but plenty to drink. It's been so hot this weekend. I hope I melted a few grams.. Must remember batteries tomorrow.
I bought this little Santa yesterday too. It's only a K Mart special but he'll look great beside my Xmas tree which I'll put up next weekend. the photos are of me and my Dad at special times during his life. He loved Christmas. He spent many years as Santa in Dannevirke and in the Fantasy Cave. Kids were in awe of him.. Dad had spent ten years as a metre reader during his later years and he'd say to them "tell Mum to shift the hall table this year, because I nearly tripped over it last christmas"... They thought he was the real thing... haha.. He never had many Christmas's at home with us as kids. He was a tanker driver and worked till lunchtime most Christmas Day's. What he missed out on he made up for.
Time for bed. Have a great week girls!

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craftycherry said...

I was reading your blog ans I said to him here was a quilter (like me) who was trying to lose weight (like me) . The I said what a good idea the rewards of fat quarters were..his face was so funny. He says just another exuse to justify my fabric addiction. Look forward to seeing more of your quilts.
Crafty Cherry