Monday, April 6, 2009

Getting REady for Symposium

4 more sleeps! Symposium New Zealand starts on Friday. This is the first time I've done classes at Symposium and I am really excited. I've finished my blocks for my Quilt as you Go class with Norma Ewart, and I have hundreds of charm squares to sort out for June Nixey's class. I'm going to be an Angel on Sunday... believe it or not!! Haha if my Dad was alive he'd be having a good old chuckle at the thought of ME being an Angel!! Haha

Here's my blocks which will have a frame around them on Saturday, be quilted as a block and then joined together. I think I'd like that kind of quilt... I get too stressed trying to quilt big ones! These blocks were made by ladies in a Row Challenge in 2007. I made the first row of 7 blocks which include the squares in top left corner of bottom left and middle blocks. Then I sent them to the next person and she made a row similar but using her own ideas before sending them to the next person. 6 people later I got it back. Meanwhile I'd done a row for 6 other people using their criteria and fabric. It was fun but I decided to undo the rows and use them at the course. I think they'll look fantastic.

It's been a really busy few weeks. I had a surprise email from a client 4 weeks ago. I'd last seen him in October 2006 and we talked so much at the appointment we ended up going out for lunch before he went back to UK. Well he emailed and wanted to see me ... Work I thought.. so I made an appointment but he wanted to catch up with me??. We've been out 4 times for a meal in the last 3 weeks. Wow, it was amazing, we laughed and talked and talked and laughed and talked (yes he did get a word in haha). He was a real gentleman, very generous with his thoughts and $ and lots of fun. And no pressure. He didn't even ask to come round for coffee! (Phew.. I hadn't had time to springclean after all.) Reckons he'll be back in 12 months if not sooner. I'm not silly though and won't hold my horses! But it was sooo nice to feel special and spend time with a guy who was really good company FULL STOP.

Two weeks ago I signed up to Weightwatchers AGAIN!!! Only had one weigh in and lost 1.5kg.. Will go again Thursday night since I'll be away for the weekend. Discipline is what I need but I also need to get well. Have spent so long feeling sick and I'm sure it's weight related.

Well I'm off to square up these blocks so they're all 12 1/2" and then work out what I'll use for frames. Take care everyone and if you're going to symposium look out for me... I'll be the fallen Angel probably haha. (as Dad would have said. I do miss the big fella and his wit!!)


Draffin Bears said...

Hi Karen,

Sounds like your life has been very busy.
Best of luck with your friend ~

Have a fun time at the Symposium.
That quilt is lovely - I like the idea of you all doing some work on it.


Chris H said...

I really like your blocks! What is Symposium???
Some of the girls here have mentioned it....
I am going to quilt as you go with my bigger star quilt... but still waiting for the sashing material! Grrrrrr.

CarterQuilter said...

I love your very colorful and gorgeous blocks and your "customer" story. It is good to enjoy life.

Cindy in Seattle