Friday, March 27, 2009

Mystery Quilt and a Big School Girl

The results of the mystery quilt night last weekend. It's still to be sewn together and I'll put a border around it. I think it's really neat and so easy to do (mind you I would have had it finished that night only I was busy chain piecing and then realised I had turned one lot of blocks the wrong way. Frustrating.. sometimes I do wonder about myself!!

My little Princess turned 5 last Sunday and is now "a big school girl". She rang me tonight to say she'd read the teacher a story. I thought she would be tired but far from it. She was a bundle of energy tonight. Little Alex is at 'big kindy' now so he's very pleased with himself. They are such cuties.. what a shame they grow up. They were busy watching a Dora Movie in Mum's room after a very busy birthday party!

Goals for this weekend - Housework of course Boring! Finish my selvedge quilt, finish the mystery quilt, start a project with plastic bags, and go for a walk.


Chris H said...

Question: Do you quilt your own or send them to a pro?
I am thinking of sending all mine to a pro! Far out, even 'quilt as you go' is difficult!
And tiring as hell on the arms/shoulders!
Cute kids in bed!
Have a great weekend.
I think the mystery quilt is
interesting'...not one I'd want to do!

Draffin Bears said...

Your mystery quilt is wonderful Karen and what a lot of work.

Happy Birthday to your little Princess and how neat that she is a big schoolgirl now.
They look so cute together.
Good luck with the housework - I should be doing some too instead of sitting at the computer.
Have a good weekend

Helen said...

As I write this it is halfway through the weekend. How many things have you ticked off on your list :-)

Great mystery quilt by the way. Putting the black and white squares in makes it a good way to use up bits and pieces.