Monday, April 27, 2009

"Quilt it to death" she said!

My wonderful friend Carol came to my rescue yesterday afternoon and she said "Quilt it to death" So I did. Now you can't see the horrible lines so much because there are heaps of them haha. It won't win any prizes but I will enter it cause hopefully not many had the same idea.The backing was $3.00 metre from Spotlight awhile ago and today I went to Arthur Toye to find the binding. I laid my quilt out and this lovely lady came up and admired it. I told her I was looking for a binding fabric and the next thing we came up with this gorgeous fabric which suits it well. Turns out she owns the Janome shop in Whangarei and is down here on holiday. Aren't quilting people lovely?
So tomorrow night I'll put the binding on and then take it to work Wednesday and Thursday to sew it down. Thursday night tidy my house because my friend Myra is coming for Tote and Gloat. I am so excited cause I haven't seen Myra for 4 years... we email all the time but it's not the same. Oh god, I am EXCITED!! She's to blame for my addiction... tich tich!!
Tonight we had our monthly club meeting. I'm the Librarian and it is soo busy but after a crap day at work it's nice to feel 'important' and quilters are so friendly. I spent the day at work behind closed doors. In four months time my secondment is over and I have to go back to being an Advisor. I've been so happy in my legal job and am not looking forward to returning. Ever;ything has changed in the last 18 months and the pressure is enormous. I'm not very confident and I was thinking of finding another job elsewhere but in this economic crisis ... well, what do you do?? Also the girl who relieved my position then has to go back to front desk, and the front desk reliever loses her job.... do I feel stink!!!
Anyway it was nice to be hormonal and work in the peace and quiet for a day. Life is full of challenges.. these are the only times I really miss having someone at home to listen and talk. Off to bed to read the latest Australian Patchwork & Quilting mag. the monthly treat I really enjoy!! haha
Night ladies and thank you for all your comments about my Wombat.


Draffin Bears said...

Your quilt is lovely Karen and I hope that it wins! Good luck with getting it finished.

Isn't Spotlight a great place to visit and buy things.

Have a great week

Melinda said...

I love your quilt. You did a great job piecing it and the quilting looks good. I always think that quilting it to death helps.

SoozieSuzy said...

You have made a lovely job of the quilt and the quilting looks fine. You are very clever.

I have been trying to master stipling, but no way I can get those lovely curves it should have, just lots of sharp points!