Friday, April 24, 2009

Friends are like Diamonds

Ain't we cute. This is my best childhood friend and I on our back porch .. I guess we look about 6 months at least.. I was born 3 weeks after Carolyn (yeah I was the biggest and still am haha). They lived right next door for many, many years. I have a photo of my son with Carolyn's parents so it was at least 22 years... In those days you spent hours on end with your neighbourhood friends, we did skipping on the street (although I was always the sook when I fell over). And a little bit older.. I had to wear glasses at the age of 5 (and yeah I was still big). We walked to school together and if it was raining Carolyn's mum took us in the car as my Mum couldn't drive till she was in her 50's. We were both nice kids until I went off the rails.. I hated high school.. hmmmm

Isn't it wonderful that NEARLY 52 years later (shhhh) I found Carolyn's website and we've been in touch again. Carolyn is still a wonderful friend and it's so good to keep in touch even if it's through blogging.

Today when I got home, I was so thrilled to see her familiar handwriting on a parcel sent to say how pleased she was with my good results on Monday. Inside is this gorgeous handmade bread ornament. This is so cute. I love it Carolyn and it is very precious as it's from you.
Thank you so very much.


Draffin Bears said...

Oh Karen, thank you for being such a great friend.
You have had such a rough time with your breast cancer and then to hear you were going in on Monday for tests, well I thought you needed to have a little gift.

The photos were cute of us as little ones.

Have a great weekend

Chris H said...

That is so lovely.

Margaret said...

Very cute, everyone needs a friend like that!