Wednesday, April 22, 2009

All good news

Yuck, yuck what a horrible process a cholonoscopy is and thank god I don't have to have another one anytime soon. I still feel like the All Blacks have used me for a punch bag. They were running very late on Monday and I'm sure he did 'the rounds' twice as fast. I had heaps of painkiller evidently but it still hurt bad. But I lost 4 kgs so how's that for a cleanout!! Watch it go back on before weighing in day I'm sure.

But the great news is I have diverticulitis so nothing compared to what they were looking for and just a case of altering my diet (which is crap anyway cause I hate cooking for one).

Tonight I have to get cracking on my Go Green entries. I am so unmotivated sewing at home by myself but now I am running out of time. So every morning I'm going to post the picture of what stage I'm up too. AT the moment it is in rows.... and my plastic entry is in pieces.

Plan of Attack
Wednesday night - put rows together and sew up backing fabric
Thursday - pin 3 layers together
Friday - check out the plastic and make some progress
Weekend - Start and finish quilting??? Sew on binding

Monday - Plastic
Tuesday = Plastic
Wednesday - Away from home getting my tattoo done you know where. Will take plastic to work on if I stay in Wellington overnight.
Thursday - Quilt to shop (will have sewn binding on during lunch at work).
Thursday night tidy up cause my quilting buddy Myra is coming to stay .. I haven't seen her since I left Hamilton in 2005 so its going to be WONDERFUL!
Saturday is Tote and Gloat!!

Don't worry, it's so normal for me to be running late.... My niece and nephews always call me 'the late Aunty Karen' cause their birthday cards have often been late. Haha. which reminds me it's Staceys birthday this weekend. Far out.

Have a good one.. Photos tomorrow


Helen said...


I had to laugh at the post heading 'blown the budget' That is exactly how I feel. Then my car needed a new battery on Monday Yikes!

What is the green challenge?

Chris H said...

Fantastic to hear nothing 'bad' was found. Diverticulitis is the pits too... our son Russell had it when he was only about 13!!! You have to watch your diet... and YES.. get checked every so often in case you get a pocket that gets infected in your bowel... what fun!

Draffin Bears said...

That is good news Karen and I am so happy for you. It must have been a worrying time.


Shirley Goodwin said...

Thanks for your kind thoughts, Karen. I see you were quite tempted by the Merchants' Mall!