Thursday, April 30, 2009

It's ready to go

I've finished the quilt and attached the label and Carol was right.. the more quilting the less you see of the mistakes.... I can see where I could have put in an extra line or two but the sewing machine etc and the housework is done. REady now for my friend Myra to arrive tomorrow after work. My quilt has to be at the show tomorrow for judging. I dont expect to win anything but it certainly was fun playing with selvedges and challenging quilting it!!
Here's my label:

When George and Cameron
Were young they would

always say
when we were travelling
towards the traffic lights.
And sometimes the lights
would change to GREEN
and the boys would think
they were magic.
But sometimes they would
stay RED and we would
just have to stop!!

Made and quilted for RCQ Challenge GO GREEN 2 May 2009
By proud ‘Nan’

I'll post a picture of the finished quilt after the show.

I was the 3rd person to post a comment on Little Bear Studio so here's the details:
To play Pay it forward with me, you must be one of the first three commenters on this post and I will send you a little handmade gift within 6 weeks.Then you must do the same.That is, you will post this PIF Picture on your blog and promise to send some handmade gifts to three others, as well.

So be one of the first three and I'll send you something I've made. (If you don't like handmade stuff please don't comment haha).


Chris H said...

ME! ME! ME! I wanna play .... *smiles*

Edwina J Murray said...

I like this idea! and I would love to take part in it! I will post this message on my blog and play Pay it Forward with you!