Monday, April 20, 2009

Blown the budget

It's 4 am, have been awake for an hour, not hungry though.. the white stuff I had to drink last night has cemented my stomach I think. It looked like watered down PVA and tasted like it too. I'll be glad when 3 o'clock comes and this is all over. I will be told the results today if they haven't done a biopsy so I will be celebrating tonight.

Here are some pics of my 'necessary' purchases at Symposium. I still haven't studied my new camera so the pics ain't too hot. I had to buy more batiks from Wright Fabrics in Morrinsville. They are so cheap and so irresistable and anyway I have been using some of mine lately so I feel it's 'necessary' to start collecting them again JUST IN CASE! I'm sure I have a pattern that I could use with this piece so I bought 2 metres (@ $12.00 a metre it's a bargain). I had to have it. The folded fat quarters and the three on the left are from Toad Hall.
The cottons are Australian polyneons but these were from a little shop in Johnsonville I think. 5 for $25 (my friend uses them for quilting and says they are fantastic!!)

These big pieces underneath are also from Milton Wright's shop

And the smaller pieces again from Toad Hall in Otaki. Susan Clare has a beautiful range of fabrics (never stop there when you're in a hurry) and she had them all marked down to $4.00 per fat quarter. Some were in a basket at 10 for $20.... well isn't it wise to buy a bargain when you see one. The patterns are also from Susan's shop. Have I told you about her mystery quilt. It's into the second month. Have a look at her website www.susanclaire??They are laminated too.. wicked idea. $6.00 each .. bargains, bargains, bargains. And lastly I found Quilt Books from Hamilton. I bought myself More Reversible Quilts which is a Quilt As You Go book and the other two on appro for the Club. If the Committee don't want them I might end up buying them myself.
JUST IN CASE I need them of course!!!


Chris H said...

You certainly did blow the budget! Let me know how good that 'quilt as you go' book is.. if it's GREAT I will get me one too!
Love all the photos, so much material!

Piwacket said...

Hope the colonoscopy goes well. I have to have it done every five years and the preparation is the worst part.

I have the One Block Wonder Encore book. All I have left to do with my first OBW top is the border.

The fabrics you shared are gorgeous.

Draffin Bears said...

Glad that you were able to have some retail therapy and what a lot of lovely fabrics and books you got.

I hope that your colonoscopy went well.