Sunday, April 26, 2009


Waste Of Material, Batting and Time!

The next time I say I'm going to do a challenge remind me to stick to the A3. Yesterday I started quilting my selvedge quilt. Well, I see things done and I think yeah, that can't be too hard but when you start and you've got this huge quilt it's no easy task. I tried to do curvy lines and some times I got it, but more often theyre just crooked and a mess.
In the morning light, it's all puffy and I can imagine quilters comments about my poor quilting. It's not good enough to put in the show.

I'll unpick it slowly and get a good quilter to do it for me as I liked it before I quilted it.

I"m in tears. I imagined it would look so good!! As usual, I thought I could do anything and I must learn to keep my mouth shut as heaps of club members have given me selvedges and will be waiting to see what I've done.

I wish I'd just done a small one now.. so much easier to quilt.

In fact that might be today's job.. Can I make a finish an A3 size quilt in 4 nights??? Make that 3 nights, I have a club meeting and a night in Wellington this week. Might cancel that... Well, who needs sleep anyway???


Draffin Bears said...

Your quilt looks good to me Karen and what a lot of work that has gone into it. I hope you get it finished on time.

Have a good weekend

Chris H said...

WOMBAT! Love it.
As for the quilt, why not unpick it (what a pain!) and just do straight up and down lines??? That would be easy and look better (?) than the curvy ones on the diagonal. That's how I did the one for Griffin and it looked fine.

sunshine said...

Hi Kayjay,

I have to say your quilt is gorgeous, and the only reason I would agree with you that you need a different quilting pattern is that you've made a really strong case for it! :) Don't despair, though! I think figuring out how to quilt the sandwich of backing/batting/top is one of the most difficult steps, because it's so much work to undo...


Chris H said...

Pffft! Where's the comment I left ya on this post???
And as to you having 25degrees ... SHUT UP! Pfffft. I am crabby enough right now. I said that NICELY you understand!

Helen said...


What a frustration for you. I know what that is like. quilts I make for a special deadline always seem to get quilted twice :-)