Monday, December 28, 2009

What did Santa bring?

The book saga.. Here's my youngest grandson opening another present.. which just happened to be Book Present No 6..

"Not another book" was his reaction!  Hmmm Dad didn't know where to put himself!! Out of the mouths of babes ah!  It was the Wonky Donkey book .. and it's brilliant.  He laughed and laughed when we read it to him later and the CD .. well kids love it!! 

This is Book Present No 7... opening slowly... note daughter No 1 is ducking for cover haha.  They all knew what Nan had in that package..

But it doesn't feel like a book.. because...

It was a book inside a BAG we said was a Library Bag.. which makes it a Library Book.. and that's OK!!  How clever am I??

Christmas for me is all about giving for me but it's nice to get pressies too. 

Some of my lovely friends gave me buttons.. old and new  (I Luv buttons), Fabric, Scratchies, Chocolates, Lemon Honey (oh yummy) homemade shortbread etc etc.  I am lucky and FAT!  And so humble because I didn't buy expensive presents this year for friends...  And

Daughter No 1 gave me a new long, thin wallet (my handbag feels empty) and a box full of scrapbooking labels and stamps...
Daughter No 2 gave me a gorgeous calendar with photos of my grandchildren on every month, some yummy stuff for the pantry and the bathroom,  and money towards my\lamp..But instead of buying the one I'd seen in the shop, I went to the Boxing Day sales and got one similar .. a mother and son lamp, for half-price $44.00!!!  So now I can SEE in my lounge to read and do handsewing....

BuT this has to be the cutest surprise of them all.  Every Christmas my girls give their kids a certificate of Achievement.. for things they have learn't or achieved or done for someone else and this year I got one....

Woah... tears in my eyes!  How special is this! 

I am feeling like one special Mum and Nan but sadly Santa also gave me the FLU too and I feel CRAP!!!   My dear old Mum was full of cough, cold and a chest infection she got just before Christmas.  Obviously I'm mean't to share this with her so I'm grounded and not a lot of anything is happening here.   Hopefully better by Friday to fly to Nelson for a week.  Fingers crossed. 

I hope you have all had a wonderful time with your family! 

PS Check out Selvege Blog - my HAND bag features today. 


Chris H said...

The Certificate is lovely!
Bummer about getting a cold.. fingers crossed it's gone soon.

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Karen,

What a lovely family Christmas you had and sorry to hear that you have the flu. Look after yourself and get better.
It was great to see the photos of all the family ~ you got some wonderful gifts.
Many thanks Karen, for the Christmas card. Have a wonderful time in Nelson and enjoy the holidays.
Happy New Year!


Margaret said...

Being an ex-Librarian (Canty Pub Lib in ChCh)and a great giver of books this post really made me smile! Love the book bag, nice touch for that little bit extra!

Re: 'nearly there' the bases are old book covers, front and back, dictionaries or text books usually have interesting ones. Get yourself an inchie paper punch and cut some backgrounds, these are then attached to thick card which you can wrap with a bit of paper to add texture. Glue all your bits and bobs on. Rebecca Sower did a class at Silver Bella in Oct 09, check out her blog for pics and links. M