Sunday, December 20, 2009

More progress

Had a great day in Palmerston North yesterday.  I went to the Saturday sewing club for a few hours and met all my old friends.  It was wonderful to see them again.. in fact, I felt I'd never moved!! I am always in awe of the work that Liz G does.. She is so talented and imaginative... Look closely at this wallhanging she made.  The reindeer antlers are the hands of her little grandson and the head is his foot.  Clever.... VERY!  I think Liz should have a blog with all her amazing ideas.

I made some progress on a bag for my granddaughter.  Olivia liked this fabric when she was here in August.  Unusual for a 5 year old?  I used some flowers left over from the other bags I made to embellish it and added more buttons. 

I didn't get anything else done but had a lovely time with my friend Carol catching up and exchanging ideas.  I met their cute little puppy, yet to be named and the food at Carol's is always delicious. We went shopping together which I really enjoyed,... I hate shopping but with a friend and at leisure it is okay.  However Imagine this... 5pm two adult women standing at the doors of a big retailer waiting for them to open.. looking for the 'green button' as we were sure they were closed since it was 5pm... but ... then seeing the sign PUSH!  They weren't automatic doors!!

Came home to be in the studio for A TV One production.. Can't say anymore but I'm sure NZ's will work it out... 10 more sleeps.. I think!

ONly crappy thing that happened this weekend is I came home, went to get my sewing machine out of the boot and the handle has come loose again... it was fine when I put it in at PN and I packed stuff around it so it hadn't moved... yet it is broken second time in 2 years... Don't buy a Bernina!!!

Four nights to

finish the bag for Olivia
Cushion cover for Mum
Book Bag for Alex

Christmas cards tonight.. that is a must!
Food shopping on Wednesday after work.


Nanci said...

Just had to leave a second comment today...I wish my girls were small again...they loved glittery things.
those bags are precious.
Merry Christmas.

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Karen,

Glad that you could catch up with your friends in Palmerston North and sounds like you had fun.
That bag is so lovely and what a cute idea the reindeer is.
I have a Bernina too, and it has been in a few times to have things done to it. I am with you there Karen, I would not buy another one.
that sounds like fun ~ TV studio, look forward to hearing more, my friend.

Have a happy week and only 4 sleeps!

Chris H said...

NO IDEA why you would be in a tv studio... do tell!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful Christmas.

Everyone has such big smiles on their faces.

You finished some wonderful projects.

Happy New Year 2010.

Cindy Carter
Quilt Patterns from Seattle