Sunday, December 27, 2009

Happy Faces

Merry Christmas everyone.

All the last minute hard work paid off and there were a lot of happy faces on Christmas Day including these ones.  Olivia loved her little bag with the special pockets and Alex's 'library book' bag went down a treat. 

Just used some of my 'boy' scraps and yellows... his favourite colour.

He got four books from Santa, 2 more from his great aunties ("not more books") but when he found Nan's book in a library bag that was special.  Haha... he loves books really!!
Of course big Brother George had to show off his bag too..  haha.. smart kid!!  But his had money in it so he was very happy too!

PS Chris, I should have added that George's 'bag' was a paper left over variety and given as a joke which he accepted admirably... he has the Jones soh... haha..


Chris H said...

Did you REALLY give that big boy a bag!

Kayjay said...

Haha It was a joke which he understood and acted appropriately. that's my George.. He has the Jones soh!