Friday, December 18, 2009

UPDATED Finished just in time

Two little handbags for 6 & 4 year old girls

2 more to go ... Guess what I'm doing for the weekend!! 
Chris.... these were made out of fabric from my stash so not sure if you can still buy it.  I bought it from spotlight I think but I know some of the quilting shops had same flowers but larger and made quilts with it. 

The flowers on the top were made from same fabric. 
I ironed Steamaseam on the back and then put contrasting fabric on that.   I did freemotion stitiching all over them (have only done it twice before)... quite inpressed with the pink one above.. the tension wasn't good so it was bringing the cream through.. but it looks great haha.

A few buttons (see the frog and the bumble bee.. gorgeous.. they were a gift from my friend Chris at Diet Coke Rocks), bit of ric rac and all done.  I'm thinking the handles could be a bit wide for little girls but that's what it said in the pattern.??

Oh goodness.. It's 6.30pm .. I've been home since 3 and done nothing except searched the net for a pattern..  I want to have a go at making book stands with bean bag stuff in them.  Seen them in the stephens shops for $50!!!  My neighbour would love one so I thought I could make something similar!!  Can't be too hard..

Hey take a look at these gorgeous half eaten gingerbread ornaments... so sweet.. will I have time... ???

Right I'm off to get something done.  If I'm feeling better tomorrow I'm off to PN.  (This bug just feels like morning sickness but hey, just because it's christmas it ain't the immaculate conception!!!)


Draffin Bears said...

Hi Karen,

What pretty bags you have made.
Sorry to hear that you had a tummy bug and I hope that this finds you feeling better now.
I have just sent a Christmas card to your Mother. I hope all your family are well and have a happy Christmas.


Chris H said...

OH they are just DARLING wee handbags.

Chris H said...

LOL about the hat.
Hey and where did you get that gorgeous material.. and flowers?

Chris H said...

I just noticed I ain't on your "blogs I love to visit" list. *sniff*... even though I'm private now.. I could still get a MENTION!

Chris H said...

What is 'steamaseam'? huge ask here... at some stage could you send me a flower like those you made so I can see properly how you did it? I just love them!
Glad the frog and bumblebee came in useful!
Hope your tummy feels better soon. Have a great weekend.