Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Stop Christmas I can't catch up

A long night and my Christmas tree is up.  Why I moved all the furniture just to fit in the tree I'll never know.  I'm way behind on making Christmas presents now!!!  Grrrr.. But it look's okay.  I have a habit of buying new Christmas ornaments in the post Christmas sales and have surprised myself by how many different Father Christmas's I have now. 

Some I've been given too like the cute one with FC upside down in a globe.  My grandson Cam bought that one for me last Christmas out of his pocket money. 

There is nothing more heart warming than a present from a child.  Last weekend my granddaughter Olivia gave me some 'gingerbread men figures' she'd decorated.  I'm going to string them up with some Christmas tinsel so she can see them when she arrives. 

Tomorrow night and the next 14 days will be sewing madly.  I have to make bags for Olivia, my two daughters and a colleagues two daughters.  I want to make a cushion for my Mum, placemats for the Christmas table and maybe a bag each for my sisters if I have time.

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Helen said...

Of course you have to move the furniture to put up the Christmas tree - it's a Rule, didn't you know??