Friday, November 20, 2009

Whats up with my blog

Eek something is wrong with my blog. I downloaded these photos but it's all in script.. what have I done?? I can't see the photos on Edit Posts?? I must have done something when I changed my profile ????? I am techno phobic... eeekkk... Can anyone suggest something??
These photos are of my grandson George who is 14 years old this weekend. Of course the photo is an old one but it was his birthday then too and he is so cute. To think he could be learning to drive in a year... oh I feel ancient now!!
Another photo is a piece I've decided to complete for a friends farewell present.. I'm not sure what to do with it now. Whether to cut it up and frame small squares on a dark background or frame it as it is.. ANY IDEAS PLease!! The other two photos are of my garden which is between the house and the driveway. My lovely lovely neighbours have been tidying up their garden and replanting. So they've recycled and given me most of these plants. It looks gorgeous... I am so lucky to have these people next door. They want me to stay here forever .... but wait till I have a party one day... oh yeah right!!

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Chris H said...

You blog glitch won't have been you...blogger was playing up yesterday.. I had problems too.
You have lovely neighbours! See, was a good move!