Thursday, November 26, 2009

wish List for Xmas

If I could write a letter to Santa still here's what I'd ask for:

A tall lamp to sit beside my lazy boy (I forgot how dark it is in old houses with high ceilings!)

A new tallboy and bedside drawers for my bedroom

Tall boys?  Lazyboys?  Any boy would do... haha.. NAH

A trip to the hairdresser for the whole works.. colour.. streaks.. cut... style..

A new foundation

That's all.   Not much is it haha.. But in reality my present will be to have a fun relaxing and pleasant day with SUNSHINE and all my kids and grandkids, my Mum and my sister and her partner. 

Back to the BAG... Oh boy I am over it now!

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Draffin Bears said...

Hi Karen,

Good luck with your Christmas list!
I hope that Santa brings you all of these.
Murray had seen Annette on the tv the other night, I unfortunately did not see her. How is it going without the cell phone?
I hope that you are having a lovely weekend