Sunday, November 22, 2009

TODAY's list

I've made myself a list today of things I have to do.

Washing .. ready to hang out DONE
Vacumning.. kitchen and lounge, rest can wait, I'm sewing!
Sew my friend Myra's hands on DONE
Sew a couple more buttons on here and there
Sew the pockets onto the lining DONE
Cover the rope for the handles
Stuff my grandchildrens hands slightly 9.30 DONE
Make a bracelet for Olivia's hand
Cover the plastic baseboard DONE
Cut the binding
Sew the little hands onto the handle and embellish
Sew the bag together and binding on

I'll be back later with progress report. No interruptions today. So it's Catherine Cookson, Me and my Bernina. Have a lovely Sunday everyone and PLEASE SUN PLEASE COME BACK TO WELLINGTON!

4PM some things done (since when can't you edit in colour??)
I've also been procrastinating about the handles, been to supermarket, had lunch at 2.30pm and now back in the sewing room for more progress. Ignored the phone this avo. Oh, and I've had ants to visit ... grr thought I'd left them in PN.

9.30 PM I've done a few off my list today though I have strayed... but I feel confident I'll make it before next Saturday's deadline.

I still have to

Sew a couple more buttons on the bag and also on the grandkids hands (will take some to bed and do them now.
I have made the handle structure (I wanted it to stand up so have put strips off a plastic place mat between the padding) but I still need to cover it.. won't take long.

Then I need to sew the little hands to the bag handle and sew the handle to the bag.

I think once that's done I Just need to put the lining inside the bag, sew it all together at the top of each piece and then sew down the sides (facing outwards) then sew the binding on.

I've run out of the fabric but will get some tomorrow. Otherwise everything I have is here ao will update progress tomorrow with photos. Hopefully it'll work tomorrow. Night all.

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Chris H said...

I'm looking forward to seeing the photos!