Wednesday, November 25, 2009

What I've learn't

We're never too old to learn but I do wonder why I am so slow sometimes.  After sewing umpteen hands onto my bag (first time applique) I figured to get around the tips of the fingers and the curves in between you just set your blanket stitch width smaller and then you get left with any gaps on the curves... DERRRRR

And last night after fussing with the bag handles, plastic tablemats in strips etc etc I suddenly thought of boning and hey presto, at $2.30 a metre it holds the handles upright perfectly. 

Tonights progress . the childrens hands are all finished, the bag handles are now ready to have the hands sewn on. 

I've decided to put a 2" border around the top of the bag which I'll just strengthn with heavy interfacing.  I need to sew half a dozen buttons on the bag tomorrow night and then sew the hands on where the handles meet the bag.  Join all four sides and lining together, seams facing out.  And put the binding on.  I've got some hand sewing to take to work tomorrow... whdy to we chuck some junk out.. I need same buttons to cover now and I threw them out... Will hav eto use other buttons and cover them with batting first. 

Any;eay, I'm afraid this might be all of me until Friday night or Saturday night.. Least on Saturday I can show you the whole bag, the club meeting is on Saturday afternoon so from then on I can show it off.  Fingers crossed everyone.l

PS My daughter was on Close Up tonight.  She told the truth and for that I am proud of her, it really is sad when people can't put their phone down to have a conversation or spend tiime with their families.  Her language was a tad norty and I'm sure there'll be complaints but I have never heard it talk in that language before so I'm hoping she was just nervous.    I ope some others realise they have a proglem too because life is tooo shallow if you spend all day on your mobile and it is not a good way of texting improtant messages.

My grandson cam is a sweetheart.  He's so gorgoues I love him to bitts, as all my grandchildren, and my other two chilend, a son Ken in PN and Haylee in Napier.


Anonymous said...

I saw your daughter !! I was watching close up and wondered if that was her. I liked the article. It was great that she was so honest. Obviously you have taught her well.

Chris H said...

I liked the interview with your daughter! She is doing well. I would be like that with my computer.. I could NEVER go without my computer!

Shoot me now...

Can't wait to see the finished bag.

Helen said...


Sorry I missed your daughter on Closeup. What was the item about??

I can add another 'boy' to your Christmas wish list. We used to have a lowboy set of drawers as well :-)