Saturday, November 21, 2009

Happy Birthday to my Mum today

I still can't see photos when I'm writing a new post so will have to do one at a time. My Mum is 78 today and look no grey hair! I've been trying to ring her since 8am but she's engaged. Since Dad passed away Mum is never at home or always on the phone. She dines out often with friends, goes on bus trips, looks after the neighbours cat (while they're at work he stays at Mum's - lucky cat) and she helps out at the Op Shop three times a week and she's happy. I hope I'm that busy when I'm 78.

I'll just have to keep trying to get through. It's raining and blowing here in the Hutt today so I'm happy. I CAN stay in my sewing room and not feel guilty. Haha. I have picked up several DVD's from the Library to keep me entertained including 4 Catherine Cookson movies. Tonight I'm off to Kelvin Cruickshank off Sensing Murder. I've been before and he's wonderful. It's so healing for everyone just knowing that the ones you've loved and lost are happy and well. Maybe he'll choose me tonight and tell me that I'm not insane when there's funny things have happened when I've been thinking of my Dad. ???!!!!

PS what a wasted day for sewing but a lovely one. I managed to find the phone no for the radio station Mum listens to and they played a song especially for her. Yeah, well she didn't want them to know but I've never done as I'm told!! Then a friend from work arrived unexpectedly which was neat. Her first time to my house and she's lovely. Before she left another colleague arrived and so at 4 pm I started sewing and at 5.30 I had to leave to meet up with my ride to KC tonight. He is absolutely amazing. None of my 'spirits' came through but the whole experience is so healing that everyone in the audience gains comfort from it I'm sure.


Chris H said...

I can see you in your MUM!
She is a busy girl too..
Yaaa it's a crappy day so you can sew!
And what a good idea to get DVD's from the library! I am going to do that too!
I have a DVD player and Telly in the sewing room....ooops I mean GARAGE... *sigh*... at least it's a nice garage!

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Karen,

Wishing your Mother a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Please give her our love and I will try and write to her.
She still looks the same ~ glad that she can keep herself busy and she does so well.

I hope that you are having a good weekend and maybe some sewing in between watching your DVD's .