Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Bag Challenge Results

Well, I completed enough of my bag that it looked finished about ten minutes before I had to leave home.  Here are the results.  Unfortunately someone moved in front of me when I took this photo so I only have a snippet of it. 

This was the Judges Choice Winner.  It was grey and black which matched the logo we had to include (it is the middle of the flower).  Well done.
  This was Presidents Choice - A Hand Bag!  Clever ah.  I'm  not sure where she got the hands.

This bag took the prize for Best Use of Logo .. it is sewn in th emiddle of the picture of a quilt.  I've never seen that fabric.. It was gorgeous.

And here's my completed bag...

Friends hands are on both the inside and outside.   Emma, Erilyn, Chris and Carol drew around their hands and sent them to me.   They're on the inside pockets.  I first copied them and put them on the outside too.  Chris is dark blue, Emma purple, Carol brown-green, Raelene red, Myra light blue and down the bottom because Myra got me started on this journey! (her other hands she sent got lost and have not turned up so she faxed them to me), Erilyn is green and my Dad's hands were included.. they're the big ones haha.

My youngest 3 grandchildren's hands are on the handle and I made George's hands into a needle case (14).  I put the kids ages Cam 9, Oliver 5 and Alex 4) on them in a fabric which had sayings about friends all over it.  It's the same as on the bottom of one side.  Myra sent me a 2 1/2 inch strip once and it's nearly all been used up.  I did not buy anything for this bag.  The cottons and buttons were all old ones given to me and the fabrics are flannels which I bought last year  I used some of them for my postcard challenge and loved them so bought heaps.

Inside book pocket with Carol's hands and Emma's in purple ruler pocket

Chris's hands in gorgeous seashell fabric.
Erilyn's hands - the bits pocket

Artist Statement::

The HAND bag with HANDles and HANDY needle case inside.

Made using the handprints of some wonderful friends who taught me how to do patchwork, friends who gave me the inspiration and encouragement, and friends who I have taught how to quilt. It also includes the new generation of sewers.. my grandchildren even the grandsons who love sewing on Nan’s machine.

WHICH IS GREAT BECAUSE IT MEANS THE MAJORITY OF 100+ MEMBERS LIKED MY BAG BEST!!  I got a lovely new rotary cutter, a cute box to keep bobbins in and a $20 voucher from the local fabric shop. 

I've entered the exhibition challenge for April 2010 now.  Pay $3.00 and get a challenge pack which includes a fat quarter of a fabric which has to feature in a quilt less than 1 metre square... eek.. talk about big head.. I am getting very full of myself haha.  Only 40 entries!! What was I thinking haha.  I'm going to bed to watch tv and read magazines.  I am exhausted haha.. as my friends will know it's always a rush at the end when KJ makes anything.. but it's been so worth it.!!!!  Yay, 5 Awards in 14 months!! Oh goodnight now I sound like a real blow hard hehe


Erilyn said...

Karen, your bag looks the BEST! Congratulations! Wasn't it worth it all? And the prize - I love that rotary cutter - you will be able to know which is yours easily.
Well done!

Chris H said...

Well done you clever tart!
Your bag is gorgeous!
The rotary cutter is cute too.

Nanci said...

I just love these bags, but your "hand" bag is fabulous very original.
also can't believe you didn't get hundreds of comments on this fabulous post!

Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Your bag is awesome. What a wonderful way to create a lasting memory of family and friends.
Anne (Dunedin)

Vicki W said...

It's fabulous!

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Karen,

Your bag is wonderful and should have taken out the best in the show!
Congratulations my friend, that is wonderful!
Well done for all those prizes.

I hope that you are having a great weekend and some time to relax now, that the bag is finished.


Anonymous said...

Wow, Karen your bag is AWESOME!!! I'm not surprised you won viewers choice. WICKED!!!!

Exuberant Color said...

Your bag is fabulous and a well thought out design. I can see why you got viewers choice. Congrats!!