Sunday, November 29, 2009

25 days till Christmas SOONER than I'd like!

And once again I'm running late.  I bought two of these trains after Christmas last year and want to put things in them for my grandchildren.  A friend is taking them to the kids on Friday but sadly the little drawers are smaller than I thought so nothing I've bought fits.  That's okay I'll put lucky numbers in the drawers and then wrap each pressy seperately.  But do you have any ideas?  The drawers are about 1.5 inches square
I am going to make a few vouchers like: "This voucher entitles you to an afternoon with Mum (or Dad) on your own doing an activity of your choice to the value of $10 OR This voucher is for a family picnic at a place of your choice ie beach, front yard, park?? What do you young Mum's think?  I'm not into chocolates everyday.. would rather do something different but I only have 4 days!

This is the needle holder I made out of the pattern for my oldest grandson's hands.  I made this in a hurry yesterday morning while finishing my bag for the challenge.  I want to do a bit more work on it yet.  Maybe put a couple of bits of hat elastic in to hold a Quick Unpick .. Any other ideas?


Anonymous said...

Hi Karen,

I have the same problem, I'm not sure what to put in the pockets of my advent calendar yet, but will definately have a few stickers, I have some small bath bombs, maybe a handmade badge, hairclips (for a girl) etc. I'll have to see what ideas other have. A chocolate or two is okay, but not every day.

By Hoki Quilts said...

Hi Karen
I like your idea of vouchers, other voucher ideas could be, baking day, girly day (nail polish, hair spray and lots face packs), making play dough, determined on their age or what about a different letter of the alphabet in each drawer from the name of a special treat. when they have all the letters the treat is spelt out - just a thought.
I'm sure what ever you do will be greatly appreciated.

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Karen,

What a neat idea - the little trains are lovely.
Maybe a $1 coin or something like that, then they can save it and buy themselves something.
Good luck and I am sure you will come up with some great ideas.

Happy December.

Chris H said...

My little pills don't have a line down the middle. Might not be the same as yours then.