Friday, August 28, 2009

Rest in Peace

It's Friday night and I was thinking about Fay, wondering how she was when my mobile rang. It was her son in Brisbane. I knew what he was going to say and even though I was waiting for the news it is still CRAP! I'm just glad she didn't suffer too long, in fact she died on Tuesday night so since I spoke to her she had gone down very fast. Of course I've moved since she went into hospital so Fay didn't have my new phone number and her son has been trying to find me. This is a photo of 'Fay's quilt' that I made for her 80th birthday. Fay loved it and her son is sending it back to me as a memory of her. Fay took the photo for me in Oz as I'd run out of time. I made it in "Australian colours".
Rest in Peace dear friend
I have lost a very special friend
but I can remember what you were and always will be to me
and if I can live by your attitude, strength and determination
I will be a much better person.
You will never be gone!


Chris H said...

I hope you have a lovely weekend, in spite of your sad loss.
Hope the earthquakes don't freak you out either!

Draffin Bears said...

So sorry Karen, to hear of your friends passing. Never easy is it, when she must have meant so much to you.
Love the quilt and how special that the Son is going to return it so you will have something to remember her by.
I hope that the earthquakes have not been too scary.

Sending hugs and I hope that you have a good weekend.