Saturday, August 8, 2009

I'm back

Hi all,
Thanks for your emails. I have moved in as from Wednesday but had to work so today the pc is back up and running but I can't find my camera cable. I put it in a 'safe' place so I'll keep looking and then I'll post some photos of everything.

the young fella who packed my house was amazing and packed each shelf of fabric separately. So I just have to unwrap each parcel and put it back on a shelf but not just A shelf. He numbered each shelf unit and then numbered each parcel according to the unit/shelf it came from!!! I had to give him a hug! I'd imagined it all thrown into a box or two
well, maybe more than 2.
In fact 12!!!!

Hmmmmmmm yes, and now it's off to bed before my feet fall off!!
More soon.


Nanci said...

Oh welcome back! Isn't it just great to see your "stuff" again in new places?
I moved about 4 years ago, downsizing as it was and we got rid of so much, and now are quite much easier to keep clean too.
Find the camera link, I want to see the new digs.

Chris H said...

I'm glad the move went well.
I'm not so happy about the recent crap landed on you! The sucked!
Some people are arseholes eh?

12 boxes eh? Imagine how many we had!!!
Moving sucks too.. .but at least you are settling in now and can get back to 'normal'...

Draffin Bears said...

Welcome back Karen.
Good that you are getting sorted and I hope that you find the cable so you can share some photos.

Have a great Sunday

Betweens said...

glad your move was a success and that your adventure is starting with a positive note.
I love your pic on the side with the fish and shadow.. love the comment!! LOL

Helen said...

Hi KayJay

How cool to have all the fabric labelled according to the shelf it came from. If you leave it wrapped up for a while it will be like getting a parcel in the mail!!