Saturday, August 22, 2009

I just can't help myself!

The landlord was due today to fix the floor in the garden shed. So I got up early, didn't I and started 'pottering' again. I should have started sewing but I got side tracked again.
This is my little hallway, sewing room to the left, lounge to the right. There is one of those ugly wall heaters above the front door????? why up there who would know. It doesn't go and the landlord doesn't want to take it down so........ $2 shop flowers and fake grass..... probably needs a few more flowers but it'll do for now. (I hang a curtain at the door as there is a terrible draft when it's cold! The chair is going to be redone. I'm going to recover it with...........

selvages... Watch this space haha.

And the sewing room has been transformed again.... well, the desk was a pain in front of the windows... and now that the garden shed is dry I could put a few more things in there.

Not quite finished yet but it's only surface tidying now. So I can get to it and sew
the cushions
the blind for the kitchen
the table cover
and the wallhanging
and finish the ufo for September's meeting
and......!!! Maybe not tomorrow though. A collegue and I are going to the bosses house for lunch at Paraparaumu Beach. And her partner is going to clean the insides of my car windows with his 'magic' stuff. Mine get so dirty..... and he's a fanatic at cleaning their cars. I have to get up early and go to the drive through... I've been so busy today I ran out of time and I'll have to clean the inside .... geez..
MONDAY MY NEW LIFESTYLE STARTS.... I seriously need to lose weight. The stress of the job, and other things and being overweight is starting to affect my body.. my arms, my back, my hips all ache.. bad!! So the ony thing I can change is my weight and I need to take control NOW!!!
I'm telling you all because I need your support. I will report in my blog how GOOD a day I had!!


Helen said...

The sewing area looks great! Nothing like a good tidy to clear the mind.

I'm with you on the weight loss thing. I have been quietly working away on mine and have lost 10 kg, but I am at a bit of a plateau now. There is still heaps to go.

What is the magic window stuff? I could use some of that. My car windows are really smeary. Did it work?

Good luck for tomorrow in your new working life.

Chris H said...

So, don't you use your front door then? Or do you slide the curtain across to get in?
I don't know about the 'grass' and flowers? Just me, but it looks a bit 'weird' there! A cute little patchwork hanging would look nicer.. but that's only MY opinion! Ignore me by all means! LOL