Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What a lady

I rang the Hospital again tonight and the nurse took the phone to my friend Fay. It took me by surprise.... What do you say to someone who's dying... we are never prepared but it was lovely. She sounds so weak and tired. But we had a nice chat.. she wanted to know what my house was like, if it was cold.. how was work... (that's Fay.... it's always about YOU never about her). She said she is brassed off hanging around and every day rolls into the other. I wish she could be spared this. We both shared our favourite memory and had a laugh about this trip when I took this photo. "The Bag Lady" we called it... she remembered as she would. Nothing wrong with her memory. I have been so lucky to have met Fay and the other wonderful friends in my life.
and tomorrow is a special day too. It would have been Mum and Dad's 54th wedding anniversary. Talk about the long and the short huh. It is a special day and I hope Mum will think about the good days they had together and how lucky they were to be in love for so long. I miss my Dad everyday so tomorrow won't be any different. I will send her some flowers in the morning...
There must be a lesson in everything that's happened over the last two years. I've lost so much.. my boob, my job, my Dad, my Aunt, then having to shift and now my dear friend and confidante. And my Uncle has cancer.......I have been wondering if I should go and do a course on coping with grief so I can help others or something.
someone kick me in the butt.. I need to get motivated again.
Sorry to be a doom merchant but thank you for reading this and letting me share. There's noone here to listen so you're all IT!


Chris H said...

It is very hard to talk to someone who is dying... you kinda have to go with the flow and follow their lead...if they want to talk about the good old days or how bad they feel... it's all about helping them through it really.
As for sewing... Pffffft! I wish I could.

Draffin Bears said...

Dear Karen,

I am listening my friend.
Sorry about your dear friend and it is hard when you are so far away.
I loved seeing your Dad and Mums wedding day photo. That is lovely.
Please send your Mum my love.

We went down to see Dad on Tuesday for the day.
He is still in hospital and the cancer has gone into his bones.
So all we can do is hope that he will not be in pain. He was really happy to see us and seemed bright. We have put Mum in a Resthome - she was staying with Gracie, but things like showering was not easy and she seems to be in the best place with other nice people.

Take care Karen and I hope that the new job, house and life down there is going well for you.