Sunday, August 16, 2009

Photos of my new home

This is my sewing room, still wanting a bit more organisation today. I ended up getting carried away on other rooms and visitors of course. I even cooked a bacon and egg pie for dinner so I've impressed myself... first time I've made one for years!!!

I've got two desks in there.. thought I might put a jigsaw on this one as it's got a lamp above it. My sewing desk is in the window but I may have to change things if it's too hot in the summer.

And my little dining room nook off the kitchen. Evidently it used to be the laundry in the old days with a door from the back porch. Someone enclosed it and knocked a hole in the wall. My laundry is now in a cupboard in the kitchen. I've yet to work out how to decorate it and I want to put the yukka in the umbrella stand but in its pot so ... I need to fill up the stand to the bottom of the plant pot. The fabric on the chair is a possible roman blind for my kitchen window. Decided to make one after all.

Today my thoughts are with my wonderful friend Fay who only a month ago was diagnosed with terminal cancer (they had been treating her for a heart problem over the last 6 months!!)

She has been in hospital for 4 days and tomorrow they are transferring her to palliative care. I know she didn't want to prolong things so I hope for her that she doesn't suffer long. I told her a month ago I'd be on a plane at the end of the month .... but after recent events I have decided (selfishly) I just can't cope with anymore grief and I think I would be an emotional wreck. Not what Fay or her family need. It seems I wouldn't have seen her anyway....

Fay is an amazing 'older' person. I lived next door to her when I was in Brisbane 6 years ago, and she showed me up with her energy and determination. She worked for a friend at a Brisbane city restaurant and wouldn't be home till 2am in the mornings sometimes.

If she wanted to go to the Library she'd go for a 'stroll' ... it was 5 kms but it didn't worry Fay.

She made concrete paths so the ambulance officers could get her husband out of their house, on the stretcher easier.

She kept her mind going by doing 1500 piece jigsaws and adding up the grocery receipts in her head!

I loved the weekends. We would go places together.. the river cruises, the markets, the gardens, league clubs for dinner.

We have kept in touch ever since and have both been 'going to' visit...... And how old is Fay... 84 going on 50!

We should never put off till tomorrow.. cause tomorrow may never come.


Erilyn said...

Karen, your home is looking great - so much fun to decorate each room as you want. Enjoy each day with it's challenges - they are there to make us stronger :-)

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Karen,

I loved seeing the photos of your new home. It looks lovely and how lucky you are to have a sewing room.
Sorry to hear about your friend Fay.
Sad when she had been diagnosed wrongly.
What an amazing Lady and must have been a lovely friend.

Have a good week

Enjoy your week

Chris H said...

Your new home looks so lovely! Where's my bed? LOL
My thoughts are with you and your freind Fay mate. Shit happens eh?

Penny said...

Your testimony for your friend was beautiful and you are doing the best thing by building your memories of Fay and remembering all her strong, amazing,human qualities. Remember her the way she was and how she was part of your life.
You new abode is looking interesting. I hope you share more of it as your get settled.

Nanci said...

Karen, happy to see the new digs! I am so sorry about your friend but it sure sounds like she had a very good and happy life! I can't imagine going for a 5 km walk about as a "stroll".