Saturday, August 15, 2009

I'm back AGAIN

Hi again, I had one night on the computer in my new home and then I couldn't connect so I have been awol. My wonderful b.i.l came out today and got it sorted for me.. and tried to tune in my tv but sadly this house doesn't have a working aerial and I'm restricted to snowy 2 and avalanche on 1 and 3. The landlord is supposed to be sending an aerial specialist around but it's a big place ... I think he's walking across the Haywards somewhere!!

I have nearly, nearly finished sorting things out and finding homes. I like my house a lot more than I did ten days ago and visitors have agreed it is really me. I get all the sun where it matters in the kitchen, lounge and sewing room (have to watch it doesn't fade my fabrics haha). Maybe tomorrow I'll sew. Quilt Diva is all cut out and I need to do the background. Still deciding whether or not to make a roman blind for my kitchen.. it's 2.05 m wide... seems a bit big???

(Mr DCR, I'm still waiting for a letter of apology from Head office or even an acknowledgment of the email Union sent to HR!! That won't surprise you though ah... I think they're probably 'passing the buck' again .. it's his job, it's her job, it's ....shame it won't cause them any stress or sleepless nights. But things go around in full circle... eventually ah!)

Will pop in with some photos tomorrow. Hopefully the sun will be out again. Night all. Karen

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Chris H said...

The roman blind I made recently for our hallway window was over 2 metres... not too long at all, just have lots of strings! I think I had 9, which was a couple too many if ya ask me.
Have you gotten the apology yet?