Sunday, July 26, 2009

Ready to Go??

Well my house has never been so organised!! What it is when you're moving ah.. what a lot of 'stuff' I've accumulated but every bit useful. The stove looks like it's on show at Harvey Norman, the cupboards have been cleaned out and my 'man cupboard' (big enough for a man to stand in and long enough for him to lie in - however no man has offered to live in there and pay me yet) has been cleaned out and only holds the stuff I'm taking with me.

I have only to pack my bags with enough clothes for a week and enough fabric to stop me going stupid in the motel. I can't can't WAIT to move into my new little house. My sister from Wellington is going to come and help me next weekend. I think I'm going to have too much furniture but I decided to take it with me and then ring the Sallies.

I can't put on any new photos cause I've packed all the cords in the box I'm taking with me. But here's a few of the bag competition held at Marton Quilt group a couple of weeks ago. The theme was recycled and old ... Here's one a friend made using labels off old clothes. If you go into selvege blog in my favourites they have a photo of a quilt made with old labels.. who would have thought of collecting them but like ties they are very attractive. This one is made from chux clothes and fabric made from old wool, cottons, fabrics, rubbish all sewn together. The handle is made of bread bag clips ... truly recycled.One of the exhibitors was an a fabric artist who has designed aprons and decorated them using old buttons ...

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