Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Three weeks

I know friends think I'm daft putting my Weightwatchers progress on my blog, but I live alone so why not!!  It's also like I need to have good results because I've made it public!! 

I was really wrapped tonight as I thought I wouldn't have had a good loss.  I've been lying around for 3 days with this horrid flu so no exercise.  But I lost 1.7kgs.

I've had to change my reward a little.  I was going to have $10 for every kg lost to put on fabric for quilting.  However it's happening a bit fast and in just three weeks I'd have $54 to spend!!  Eek, I can't afford that so I've changed it to $5.00. 

I'm really wrapped though.. I've also changed my diet because my body doesn't cope with Fod Maps!  Since seeing a Dietician I lost 3.5 before I started WW so altogether now I've lost 8.9kgs.. Incredible!!

Can't wait till it shows but that will be a long time yet.  My first goal is 99kg and hopefully by Christmas.


Sew Happy Jan said...

Congratulations :) even laid up with the flu you did well. Your dollar stash is building nicely :)

Charlotte said...

Congratulations! And well done you are doing great :) Maybe I should consider doing the same thing - I need something to help me stay accountable.
Enjoy buying your fabric!

Draffin Bears said...

Well done Karen! keep up the good work.
Sorry to hear that you have had the flu, look after yourself and hope that you are feeling better.
I got a newspaper clipping from Christine and Hillcrest School is no more, really sad news.

Happy week