Tuesday, July 12, 2011

UPDATED: Thank you girls, your support is so welcome

Tomorrow night is my first 'weigh in'!  I guess this week has been getting used to what you can eat and how many points it costs but it is amazing and I do not feel tempted or hungry.  I'm hoping to lose at least 1 kg.  I've started letting my son have the car to go to work at 1.30AM and then I walk to the bus stop.  If it''s fine I walk to the next bus stop and the one after etc etc.  So this week I've been pushing my boundaries to get well! 
/Strawberry Feilds

On Sunday I had the last day of Sheryl Anacich's Strawberry Fields class.  You may have seen my quilt on an earlier post.  It now has a flower on it.. yes just one.  It took me all day but I cut heaps before lunch and then sewed this one on.  I now have quite a few ready to add but I have to finish Alex's rugby quilt first.

My version waiting for quilting and flowers
It has a circle in the middle - I'm thinking of using buttons?

UPDATED So now it is Wednesday night and at 'Wombles of Wimbledon' (a pun because a friend didn't know what WW mean't and thought it might be a tv show??)  I LOST 2.5kg and that was after eating a small piece of carrot cake last Friday and crumbed fish and a few chips at UFO night on Friday.  Weightwatchers Pro Points is very different but easier.  Now for Week 2.   

To all the lovely ladies who made heart blocks for Myra, please keep praying for her now as I will.  I spoke to Myra today and the news isn't good.  When we both expected that she would get a positive post chemo report from the oncologist, the news was not good.   So I'm praying for a miracle... He knows Myra deserves one!!  She needs at least another 40 years to use up all her quilt fabric... and we haven't won lotto yet to build our quilt studio and retirement flats!!!    I wish I lived closer so I could support her more, have more sewing days, keep positive and happy and jump in puddles but I'm watching Grab a seat on the airlines so I can go and visit again.


Anonymous said...

Hi kayjay
I just had to wish you good luck, I also live in Wellington (porirua) and too have my first ww weigh in tonight...how did find the first week, I thought the points were generous and also hope to loose 1kg. Good luck and i look forward to hearing about your progress.

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Karen,

Wishing you much luck dear friend and well done for walking to the bus stop, that is great too.
Have a wonderful week


stufenzumgericht said...

Dear Karen,
I'm sure, you'll be stron and loose weigh ;-) When you'll have reached your aim, please let me know and there'll be a fabric surprise from Germany! Hugs from Martina