Sunday, July 3, 2011


It's really Winter in New Zealand now and time to start putting on the hat and scarf. 
I don't own a hat.. fairy thingies in Australia was probably the last time I wore anything on my head.. (eek.. definitely a few years ago but I'm setting a goal to get back to that size now).

There is a Knitworld shop near my work and sometimes I wander in to look at whats new.  A few weeks ago I found a pattern for a crochet hat which you then felt in the washing machine.  So I dug out my crochet hooks (must be 20 years since I did any) and have finished the first one in pink (yet to be felted).

Watch this space!  but here's some gorgeous hats for you to look at and the most beautiful little model (nearly 4 months old).  My great nephew.

Love this one.  It's so CUTE and he's so handsome of course..
Practising his 'moves'

What areee you doing Mum??  hehe

I am so over this modelling lark now.

A blue Beanie

No more Mum.  I'm confused!
I love Isaac's collection of hats.  I know his Grandma and Great Aunty D made some of them.  I hope mine fits as well once I've felted it or Isaac may get a new hat... blue not the pink one!!

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Chris H said...

Wow he has a lot of hats!
Emily might have 3?
Suppose I could knit her some... hmmmm.... lol