Friday, July 22, 2011

The tops finished. More Celebrations

I've just finished putting together the top of Alex's quilt so I can show him on Sunday.  I wish I could pin it out and start quilting but I don't have anywhere to do it here haha.  The paint may take awhile to dry.. very cold and damp here but hopefully tomorrow night I might be able to move everything back into my bedroom and find my cutting/pinning table.

So here it is Alex quilt No 1.  Alex chose the black with white square fabric which I used for the inside border but it looked very busy and I didn't work out the measurements correctly..  That's what happens when you start a quilt from the outside in ah? 

So I undid the middle and here is Alex's quilt No 2 and final.  He loves his rugby.  I think he'll like this one.

Red and black jersey for Canterbury, on the right is Waikato jersey.  Top row black and white is Hawkes Bay (Magpies) where Alex lives and green and white is Manawatu where I used to live.

I don't know who plays in red and white but I needed another jersey haha.
I've still used Alex's fabric but fussy cut it.

These rugby jerseys are Alex's ripper rugby team, his great-Grandad's Excelsior rugby team and of course The All Blacks

It's still rather busy but I think the rugby Kiwi's make the other colours jump out. 

And more celebrations today.  My daughter Annette was offered a job as General Manager of a Rest Home and Retirement Village.  It's been 3 months since the first interview, a lot of tests and proposals and finally today she heard the news. 

Annette, 37 years young.
She was already on a Girls Day Out with her current colleagues who were rewarded for going the 'extra mile' by their CEO.  A '1980's theme mystery trip to a spa and lunch as well as lots of bubbles.  Very appropriate she was rung as they sat down for lunch and opened champagne.  I am so proud of her.   You wouldn't think she's had a liver transplant 18 years ago, she has certainly paid back all the money raised for the operation. 

And my son Ken who is staying with me at the moment signs his contract for a permanent job on Monday.  He's been working through an agency for 3 months driving trucks and now they've given him the job.  And I'll get a lovely discount at Davis Trading.. Yay!!

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Chris H said...

I like the quilt top!
Congrats to both your kids too!