Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Isaacs quilt

My niece has sent these photos of the quilt I made Isaac and the bumper pad in his cot.
I'm really pleased how it looks and glad I made it that little bit bigger to tuck in down the sides and bottom.  He's so cute.

The bumper pad is backed with eye spy fabrics so when he's grown out of his cot it can be folded up to make a book or spread out on the floor as a puzzle.  Mum and Dad and Isaac can play Eye Spy or Find the Other ??? or Find the colour, count .. etc etc.
My lovely sister had to sew the binding down and the ties on as I ran out of time while I was there.  So I didn't see it completely finished.  But the photos look good and I am really pleased with my efforts.


Barb said...

What a cutie there and fun bedding....that was so smart...

MrsC said...

Oh he is as snug as a little bug in his Aunty Karen rug! :)

Pokey said...

Look at him! SoOo cute! The bed is adorable, as is the bumper pad, good plan for future use, too ~