Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Try again and again and again

No I'm not trying to practice for a marathon or anything.  I had my haircut tonight to make me "feel better?" and it looked so good when I left the hairdresser.  Wow moment.. but just a moment because after the wind blew it around it looked nothing like it.. haha...
but I decided to take a photo of my new hairstyle to put on my blog .........so tried to take a nice photo again and again and again...

Hmmmm double or triple chin??

Oh yeah try the wide eyes look to stretch out the wrinkles and the 2XL chins!!

Give up while the going's good huh..
Haha isn't it weird taking photos of yourself.. next time I'll take the camera to the hairdresser !! 

While I'm at it here's what you do with old cotton reels,,,

A friend from Palmy gave me these gorgeous fabric flowers when I had breast cancer nearly 4 years ago.  I asked for fabric flowers instead of real ones and Rhonda went all out.  they usually sit in a vase but I was playing at the weekend.. the sort of thing you do when you feel like crap but want to do anything to take your mind off it..... decorating with my 'stuff'...  Thank you Rhonda.  I really love my flowers still and they always remind me of you and how clever you are.


Hilachas said...

Cute hair style. I'm always trying to find the hair style that is "ME." You've found yours.

Barb said...

It does the body good to get a new do....yours looks wonderful....you look so happy!

Chris H said...

You look lovely... even looking down!

loulee said...

Nice hair. It suits you.
It doesn't matter who is taking the picture, the pictures of me which I actually like are few and far between.

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Karen,

First of all I am sorry to hear that you have had shingles. I do hope that you are feeling much better now.
I love your new look, the cut and style is great.
Yes, it has been such a sad week for NZ and hard to believe this is happening in our Country.

Happy Thursday