Monday, February 28, 2011


I have too many ideas so I need your help to decide what to do.  Any day now I am going to be a GREAT AUNTY.. that doesn't mean I'm going to be an aunty again and great at it haha. 

My niece Stacey and her husband Dave are having their first child which means I am finally going to be a Great Aunty.  My sisters and brother are Great Aunts and Great Uncle four times with my four grandchildren but this time it's my turn too.  I am so excited.  They are having a little boy and I have the honour of making his first cot quilt. 

So I want to make something simple but colourful this time and I already have these fabrics.  Most are 2 1/2 inch strips but I have .9 of the tiny yacht fabric.  I love the colours of blue, red, yellow and they will look cool together in his new bedroom (their new house will be completed within a month or so!!) .

I want it to be special but quick and easy.. Because Stacey and Dave love kayaking I thought the yachty fabric was appropriate.  But they're only about an inch high?  I've looked at patterns on net, books, magazines but I'm a little brain tired. 

I've had shingles for the last two weeks and the pain has been nasty.  Luckily I went to the Dr and got the antivirals early so I'm hoping they'll heal and I'll feel better by Saturday for my friend Emma's 70 going on 40 party!!  Dr has me on really good painkillers now and tells me not to be in pain .. "keep taking them"... they are really great!!

I am not complaining... loudly!!  I have both my legs, my fingers and I am alive.  The Christchurch earthquake has now taken 148 people and the death toll is expected to go over 200.  On TV today they showed a street where sewage is flowing down it.  The stench would be horrendous and houses in the street don't have toilets, power or water yet.  Yet, they stay for fear that there homes will be broken into by burglars.  Yes, my overseas friends, criminals have taken advantage already and broken into homes to steal, scammers are phoning and asking for money before they can get help???  and they have even stolen generators from the city.  It is disgusting.  Those who are caught are being locked up with no bail.  They were warned.  I can't imagine what kind of low lifes they are!

And before I crawl back to my chair (I am handstitching a binding on the baby girl's quilt for a friend!! ) what is this?? It was amongst my aunt's doillies and I'm thinking it was for lavender but I can't work out how you would put it in there as there is no opening????


Barb said...

It is really sad all of the lowlifes that do come out and take advantage during these times....

machen und tun said...

hi there, how nice of you to make your niece a quilt!! and how sad to hear some bad news about looters after the earthquake: shame on them!
but i tra very hard to believe that those jerks are just a very small percentage of a people and most folks are helpful and caring..
see you at byw,