Friday, March 4, 2011

Shock horror I bought a dress!!

tomorrow night I am going to my dear friend Emma's 70th birthday... more like 70 going on 50.. she's amazing and we get on really well.  I'll be staying with my best friend Carol so it'll be a great get together and celebration.  I love them both..

So today I went out to buy a pair of black pants to wear with one of several nice tops I've got.. but I found a DRESS!!  It looks fabulous on and feels lovely and doesn't make me look pregnant... YAY!!!

I could do with some jewellery to set it off but will check out my aunt's collection as tomorrow is also sewing day with a few friends...

Yesterday I bought Emma and Myra blue pashmina's cause I wanted too haha.  (Emma says NO PRESENTS!)... Myra loves blue and it's nice to get presents.  I bought a white one for another friend and the green for me.  But today I went back to see if one would match my dress and I saw the pink with roses... ohhhhhh
Oh the roses are so me.. but it won't go with my dress so I'm still not sure what I'll wear around my 'fat' arms. 

We're assured today that the Wellington earthquakes are not linked and there is no evidence that we're going to have a big one here .. although they are investigating!! haha... I tell my son the house won't fall down or blow away while I'm in it.. you've got to have the extra kgs for something ah.

The shingles pain is easing but they are soooo ITCHY.. eeek... . thank god for Aloe Vera .. it cools me down and takes away the urge... not that I can.. I can't reach them to scratch.  However I've invented a great way to get Aloe Vera onto hard to reach patches.  A ruler with a wet wipe tied on to the end, add a little bit of aloe vera and smooth it on.  Of course you have to let it dry before you put your clothes on so just leave the blinds pulled hehe..   That's not a good vision haha  Hope you can all sleep now!!


Chris H said...

Lovely dress.... why not keep the white pashmina to wear with your new dress?
Have fun.

MrsC said...

Gorgeous dress, I can see it on you and the colours will be great too. xoxo