Saturday, March 26, 2011

Seven days gone

Where have I been?  Well, I had a few ladies coming to visit last week and sew,  hmmm... where could they fit in my little house?  So on the Sunday night at 7.30 I suddenly got the inspiration to start changing things around.   This is my second bedroom which I planned to make into my 'lounge'.  My old lounge is my sewing room.  Well, after moving my bedroom furniture around that night, I made a start on this room.
Because I don't usually have visitors this is like the 'out of sight room' and seldom used...
Once upon a time it was my sewing room hence the design wall = a fluffy tablecloth on the wall. 
The curtains (property of landlord) look nice in the photo but close up they are faded and stained.  Yuck.
The fold out couch has moved and is no longer orange thanks to a bargain cotton throw
the desk only just fits the gap beside the couch.  The design wall has moved into my sewing room.
So in my sewing room (ex lounge) I moved my dining table from my kitchen.  The manrobe is full of my stash (well some of it) and I will move it to the space left by tv and cabinet (just need 2 strong men to help move it first).  This will make more room for the table when friends come to sew.

This is the monster that needs to move into the lounge.  I can't throw it out.. its 15 years old but excellent picture and no concerns.  My sister and b-in-law gave it to me and are surprised it is still going.. the white cupboards behind the door have more of my stash...but not all!  The manrobe will move to this space and the flat screen tv will go on top. 

My new design walls.  I had a really clever idea when I saw large canvases for $30 at the book shop closing down sale. 

I've covered each of them with my tablecloths, then joined 2 together with hinges so I can fold them up too.  I've hung it from the curtain rod.  The single one on the right is my great nephews quilt which needs a bit more work yet.
Still a lot of sorting to do and swapping things over but I'm happy and was proud to show off my home to my visitors.  Who knows, maybe I'll get more but it's citylife here.. people are always busy!


Kayjay in New Zealand said...

Haha Anonymous. I know who you are. I don't have modern expensive furniture but that's a personal choice. At least, friends and family can come here and relax without fear of putting a scratch in something or spilling coffee on the lounge. Get over it.. I'm happy in my World - are you???

Chris H said...

Very clever using canvas's for your design wall.. I don't have a design wall but want one!
how do you hold your blocks/quilts on the design wall? Pins? what?

Kayjay in New Zealand said...

Chris, it's a flannel backed tablecloth wrapped around the canvas. Doesn't have to be.. can be pinned straight onto the wall but since the house isn't mine I thought this was better. And I can take the big one down and fold it in half too.