Friday, March 4, 2011

Earthquakes at my back door?

I was born and grew up in Dannevirke for many years,.  I finally left in 2002.  In that area earthquakes were a regular thing and never forceful so you just got used to them.  There was only one bad one.. (hardly seems bad now) a 6.5 earthquake on Mothers Day
13 May 1990

Weber II earthquake

At 4:23 pm on Mother’s Day, 13 May 1990, a magnitude 6.5 earthquake struck the southern Hawke’s Bay near Weber, east of Dannevirke. It was just 10 kilometres from the epicentre of a magnitude 6.1 earthquake on 19 February, a few months earlier. Some houses were cracked, or knocked off their foundations. Many buildings in Dannevirke had broken windows and cracked chimneys. At Cape Kidnappers, a group of about ten people walking along the shore had a near miss when a large slip from the coastal cliffs fell near them. Within 24 hours of the main earthquake, there were 7 aftershocks of magnitude 5 or greater.

Dannevirke shops and buildings were wrecked and houses too especially in the country near Weber were spilt in two or three.  I remember that day huddling under the doorway with my family.  We were lucky as only wallboards cracked but other homes weren't that fortunate.
Now we've had the Mother of all earthquakes in Christchurch creating vast damage and a predicted loss of 220 lifes.
And last night, for the second time in three days, my house rocked and rolled.  Another 4.3 quake centred in Upper Hutt 20 minutes away and my first thoughts are will these go away or are we next.  Who would know??  Eeek.. they are suddenly scary ... and I'm off to work on the 6th floor.  I think all of New Zealand must feel like this.


Chris H said...

EEEkk alright! I hope you office is quake proof!

Charlotte said...

I live in Welly too, and that earthquake made me scared too, I couldn't fall back asleep for a long time after. I worried that it had been centred in Christchurch, I worried that it meant a bigger one was coming.... I never felt this way before.
Christchurch has definately changed us all.


Annie said...

Hi There! I just became a born again quilter, looking for quilting friends to chat and quilt along with. I am totally new to this!

loulee said...

I simply can't imagine what you are going through. Stay safe.