Wednesday, March 9, 2011


One day old - ain't babies beautiful but he's so cute. Same colour hair as his Granddad too!
My world has been blessed today with the safe arrival of little Isaac Edward ___  who was born at 5.30pm (9 March).  Stacey was due last week but I suggested 9 is a good number.  I was born on 9, as was my little sister and my Dad.  Stacey's mum was born on two days before my 2nd birthday... on 7th June.

I'll have more to shout about in a couple of days but I am so happy that Mum and Isaac are both okay. 

I'm working hard on Isaac's quilt so better not daly on the computer tonight.  Oooh life is exciting.. I can't wait to see him and smell him (babies always smell nice.... well when they're clean!!)  and touch him one day. 


Barb said...

That is way tooo exciting, congrats!!

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Karen,

Congratulations dear friend!
I am so happy to hear of the lovely news of your new little precious Isaac Edward.
This is so exciting for your family.
Is this the first grand baby for R?
Wishing the new little family all the very best and good luck with Issac's quilt.

Love to you all
ps thanks for the kind words you left for me. It really is a circle of life and how neat that Isaac was born on the 9th ~ good number with all the niners eh!

Chris H said...

I love his name... and i hope you do get to hold and love him soon.

. said...

Oh isnt he cute. Hope you get to see him soon.

Was reading through your blog, was raised in Dannevirke myself before moving to Wellington, gee its a small world! I remember earthquakes there too as a child. Today they are my nemisis.